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Custom GPTs are a new feature from OpenAI that allows anyone to create their own version of ChatGPT, the popular conversational AI system. With Custom GPTs, you can tailor ChatGPT to your specific needs and preferences, and then share your creation with others. You can also monetize your GPTs by publishing them on the GPT Store, a marketplace for GPTs.

What are Custom GPTs?

Custom GPTs are based on ChatGPT, the latest version of GPT-4, a powerful language model that can generate natural and coherent text on any topic. ChatGPT can also perform various tasks, such as searching the web, making images, analyzing data, and more.

However, ChatGPT is not always suitable for every use case or user. For example, you may want ChatGPT to be more helpful in your daily life, at specific tasks, at work, or at home. Or you may want ChatGPT to have more knowledge or skills on a certain domain or topic. Or you may want ChatGPT to have a different personality or tone.

That’s where Custom GPTs come in. Custom GPTs let you customize ChatGPT for a specific purpose, by giving it instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills. You can also configure your GPTs with advanced options, such as choosing the language, the mode, the temperature, and the frequency penalty.

How to create Custom GPTs?

Creating a Custom GPT is easy and does not require any coding. You can do it in three steps:

  1. Go to and log in. In the sidebar, click Explore, and then click Create a GPT.
  2. Enter your instructions in the message box of the Create page. Chat with the GPT builder until you get the results you want. You can also add extra knowledge or skills to your GPT by using the buttons on the right side of the page.
  3. Click Configure to add advanced customizations to your GPT. You can also give your GPT a name, a description, and a logo. Click Save, and select how you want to share your GPT. You can make it private, public, or unlisted.

How to use Custom GPTs?

Once you have created your Custom GPT, you can use it in various ways. You can chat with it on the Chat page, or you can embed it on your website or app using the Embed code. You can also edit or delete your GPT at any time on the Edit page.

You can also explore other Custom GPTs created by other users or verified builders on the Explore page. You can search for GPTs by category, name, or keyword. You can also rate, review, or report GPTs on the GPT page.

How to monetize Custom GPTs?

If you want to earn money from your Custom GPT, you can publish it on the GPT Store, a marketplace for GPTs. The GPT Store will be launched sometime later and will feature GPTs from various categories, such as productivity, education, and fun.

To publish your GPT on the GPT Store, you need to apply for verification as a builder. Once verified, you can set a price for your GPT, and get paid based on how many people are using your GPT. You can also track your earnings and analytics on the Dashboard page.

Why Custom GPTs?

Custom GPTs are a new way to unleash the power and potential of ChatGPT. They enable anyone to create and share their own version of ChatGPT, and to benefit from the creativity and expertise of the community. They also open up new possibilities for using ChatGPT in various domains and scenarios, and for solving real-world problems with AI.

We believe that Custom GPTs will lead to amazing and useful creations, and we can’t wait to see what you will build with them. Try it out today at

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