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Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has recently launched a new AI tool called Emu Video, which can generate realistic and beautiful videos from text captions. Emu Video is based on Emu, the foundational model for image generation that Meta introduced in September 2023. Emu Video leverages the power of Emu to create dynamic and expressive videos that can be used for various purposes, such as entertainment, education, marketing, and storytelling.

Emu Video

Emu Video is very easy to use. All you need to do is type in a text prompt that describes the video you want to create, and Emu will generate a four-second-long video that matches your input. You can also provide a photo or an image as an additional input, and it will be used as a reference or a background for the video. For example, you can type in “/imagine a dog playing with a ball” and Emu will create a video of a dog chasing a ball. Or you can type in “/imagine a waterfall in the jungle” and upload a photo of a jungle, and It will create a video of a waterfall in the jungle.

Emu Video
Emu. Video

Emu can generate videos for a wide range of domains and genres, such as animals, nature, objects, scenes, people, cartoons, and more. It can also handle complex and abstract inputs, such as “/imagine a dragon made of fire” or “/imagine a unicorn made of ice”. It can create videos that are realistic, artistic, or fantastical, depending on your preference and imagination.

It is not only a powerful video generation tool, but also a creative and interactive platform that allows users to explore and discover new video content. Users can chat with Emu Video, ask questions, request suggestions, and give feedback. It can also generate videos based on user preferences, such as style, mood, and genre. For example, users can ask Emu Video to generate a video of a city in a futuristic or dystopian style, or a video of a person in a happy or sad mood. Emu Video can also generate videos that are inspired by famous artists, such as Picasso, Van Gogh, or Monet.

It is currently available as a beta feature in Meta’s apps, such as Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Users can start a new AI chat with Emu Video, or message Emu Video in group chats. Emu Video can also generate videos that can be used as stickers, filters, or backgrounds in Meta’s apps. It is expected to be integrated with Meta’s VR and AR devices, such as Oculus and Portal, in the future, to enable more immersive and expressive experiences in the Metaverse.

It is a remarkable achievement in AI video generation and a testament to Meta’s vision and innovation in the field of AI. Emu Video demonstrates the potential of AI to create and connect with video content, and to enhance the human creativity and expression. Emu Video also reflects Meta’s commitment to responsible and ethical AI development, as the tool is built with safety and privacy measures, such as watermarking, content moderation, and data protection. It is a glimpse into the future of AI and the Metaverse, and a new way of imagining the world.

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